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Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle rocket launcher on Spellbound

All of our Fishing Tackle built and designed by Capt. Jay.  Capt. Jay has built every fishing rod on the Spellbound.  We use high quality components like: Calstar, Shakespeare & Harnell  Blanks, Stuart and Aftco Reel seats and buts.  Fuji, American tackle and Packbay fishing rod guides or roller guides from Aftco are on our fishing rods.  Our reels are the best, time trusted and or newest technology available.  We use both Penn and Shimano reels, each brand has reels perfectly suited for our needs.

Fishing Tackle on Spellbound

We have a rod and reel for every type of fishing we do.  Each rod was built for a specific purpose.  We do not use the same rods and reels for multiple tasks.  We have a set of rods for trolling, a set for kite fishing, a set for shark fishing, a set Swordfish fishing, a separate set for bottom fishing, bait fishing, jigging, wreck fishing, and each and every style of fishing we do down south in Miami & Miami Beach, FL

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