Sailfish Fishing Miami
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Sailfish Fishing Miami on the Spellbound

Sailfish Fishing Miami on the ALL NEW 57′ Spellbound is one of the most fun activities on Miami Beach.  The Atlantic Sailfish is the best light tackle sport Sailfish fishing miamigame fish.  Sailfish are hard fighting aerial acrobats.  They make spectacular jumps out of the water.  A seven foot Sailfish can jump out of the water and walk on its tail across the water.  Sailfish are the single fastes fish in the ocean. Sailfish can obtain a sprint speed of nearly 60 miles per hour. Sailfish have brilliant vivid colors, a giant sail like fin and a bill like a sword.  A great apex preditor and a great sport fish.  Sailfish fishing Miami is a fun and exiting way to experience Miami’s best Sport Fishing & Deep Sea fishing.

Sailfish Fishing Miami with a Kitesailfish fishing miami Kite Fishing

There are many ways to target sailfish. Sailfish fishing Miami with a kite is the best way to catch Sailfish, if the conditions are right for it.  We also catch a lot of sailfish trolling dead baits and slow trolling live baits.  Although no other technique will out fish the kite fishing for Sailfish off Miami & Miami Beach.  The kite spreads out the live baits into a pattern where any fish that come into the spread can see all of the baits.  the kite also keeps the live baits right on the surface, where they are most attractive to a feeding Sailfish.  When sailfish fishing Miami, the best live baits are Thread Herring, Goggle Eye, Pilchards, Blue Runner & most other small to medium bait fish will work in a pinch.

Sailfish Fishing Miami… All About Sailfish

“There are two subspecies of “sailfish” The first is Atlantic and the second is Indo-Pacific.  Both range throughout the warm and temperate parts of the world’s oceans. They are both blue, purple, copper and gray in color, with white underbellies. They get the Sailfish name from their spectacular dorsal fin. It stretches nearly the length of their body and is much higher than their bodies are thick.

They are two of the members of the “billfish” family. As a billfish they have an upper jaw that sticks out well beyond their lower jaw.  It forms a distinctive bill like “spear”. They spend most of their lives on the ocean surface.  Sailfish are usually far from land feeding on schools of smaller fish like sardines and anchovies. Sailfish often “Ball Up” the bait fish with their sails. This makes them easy prey. They also feed on squid and octopus.

Sailfish meat is fairly tough and not widely eaten. Although they are one of the most prized game fish. These powerful, streamlined beasts can grow to more than 8 feet  and weigh up to 100+ pounds. When hooked, they will fight vigorously, leaping and diving repeatedly, and sometimes taking hours to land.”

Sailfish Fishing Miami Techniques

Font Sailfish fishing Miami is best either Kite Fishing, slow trolling live baits or trolling with natural dead baits.  Kite Sailfish fishing miami, the best baits are Herring, Goggle Eye, Pilchard & Blue Runner.  Live bait slow trolling Sailfish fishing Miami is best using small live bonito “Flips”, Mullet, Herring & other small medium live Baits. Natural dead baits like Ballyhoo & Bonita strips work well Sailfish fishing Miami on the troll.




Sailfish fishing Miami Sailfish Map

Sailfish Range

Fast Facts

Average life span in the wild:4 years
Size:5 to 9 ft (1.7 to 3.4 m)
Weight:15 to over 100 lbs
Group name:School  
Did you know?
Sailfish are the fastest fish in the ocean and have been clocked leaping out of the water at more than 68 mi (110 km) per hour.
Size relative to a 6-ft (2-m) man:

Sailfish fishing Miami diagram with man


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