Fishing Spots in Miami FL
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Fishing spots in Miami FL

There are a lot of great Fishing Spots in Miami FL.  With the deep water, Gulfstream & coral reefs so close to shore, there are a lot of fishing opportunities and places to have great catches.  One of our favorite fishing spots is right off the beaches of Miami and Miami Beach.Fishing Spots in Miami FL - Capt. Jay's Deep Sea Fishing Miami  Every winter Spanish Mackerel migrate up and down the waters just outside the swim buoys.  This is a great fishing spot.  You can get into great action with a super fun fish that also is terrific on a plate.  Another great fishing spot off Miami and Miami Beach is the third reef.

Fishing spots in Miami FL the Third Reef… 

The third reef is the deepest barrier reef that runs parallel to Miami & Miami Beach.  The third reef is about a mile and a half off shore.  This reef is in about 45 feet of water, but falls off to more that 300 feet of water on the deep side in less than a mile.  This barrier reef is the highway that most fish follow as they migrate.  It is also home for lots of bait fish, a great place to look for predators. You can find every kind of fish from; Sailfish, Sharks, Kings, Tuna, Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) to Jacks, Snapper, Grouper, and many more

Fishing Spots in Miami FL

Capt. Jay

Captain of the USCG Licensed & Inspected Spellbound Charter Fishing Boat Miami Beach, FL. Capt. Jay has been fishing off Miami & Miami Beach for more than 40 years. Capt. Jay is a Multiple IGFA world record holder and discovered a new species of fish. Capt. Jay now spends his days giving his customers great fishing adventures. Catching a young angler his first fish or an experienced angler his or her largest fish is what Capt. Jay lives for. "We catch the fish of a lifetime, every day !"

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