Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing
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Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing

Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing has been red hot this week.  The big spawning Greater Golden Amberjacks have shown up on some of the deeper wrecks.  These large fish move in to our area Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishingevery spring.  They spawn on all of the spring moons, when the currents are the strongest.  The fish are aggressive strikers and hard fighters.  They pull really hard and can make line screaming runs back into the safety of the  sunken wreckage.  We have also seen some good size Kingfish & Blackfin Tuna over the wrecks.

Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing… Deep Wrecks.

Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing begins with catching the best fresh bait available, each day.  Our bait of choice on the wrecks is a small live bonita.  To target the Golden Amberjacks we fish 50 to 100 foot leaders.  We typically use leader line strengths as light as 50lb and as heavy as 100lb. The hook we like most is a VMC off set circle hook.  Most of the large bottom fish we catch on this hook are hooked perfectly in the corner of the mouth.  We use 3 way swivels with a 1 pound to three pound lead.  The lead is chosen depending on wind, current & size of bait.  We use either fighting chair with a long rod or a standup rod and fighting belt.  We use line as light as 20lb and as heavy as 100 pound.  Depends on angler skill level, strength & conditions of the day.   The depth of the spot and type and size of wreck all are taken in account.

The live bonita is bridled to the hook and dropped to the bottom.  We wind the lead up just enough to not hang on the wreck, and hold on.  Bites come fast and hard!

Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing Amber JackMiami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing… Shallow Wrecks.

On the shallow wrecks we fish the live bonita’s on light #6 wire with an 8/0 lead hook and a #2 treble hook stinger.  We fish 20 lb to 30 lb line tied directly to the wire leader.  We lower the bait over the wrecks on a down rigger.  Typically we will catch; Kingfish, Great Barracuda, Cobia, Grouper, Amber Jacks & Sharks.  We will also fish a live Bonita on the same rig on the surface.  You can add Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi & Wahoo to the list.

Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing… Let’s Go Fishing!

To book your sport fishing charter call or text Capt. Jay at (305) 785-0552 .  You can also E-Mail the Capt. at  Spring and summer fishing is just starting to heat up.  This is the time of year for lots of action on a half day  private fishing charter… Let’s Go Fishing!

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Miami Fishing Report May Kids Fishing
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