Miami Fishing Report Wahoo
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Miami Fishing Report WahooMiami Fishing Report Wahoo on Spellbound Deep Sea Fishing Miami

This Miami Fishing Report is just in time for September fishing.  The full moons in September and October are the two best times of year to find Wahoo in Miami and off Miami Beach.  On and around these moons the Wahoo move onto the top of the deep reef and wrecks out to about 600 feet of water.  We concentrate our  fishing to 100′ of water on out to about 350′ of water.  The Wahoo usually ranges in size from about 15 pounds to about 40 pounds, although any Wahoo is a prize and trophy catch.  The single best technique for Wahoo is trolling.  Trolling allows us to cover ground, Wahoo who are lone predators spread out all over the world’s oceans.

Miami Fishing Report – Wahoo Baits…

The best baits for wahoo are rigged double hooked fresh Ballyhoo & fresh cut Bonita strips both fished behind a small trolling lure skirt or sea witch.  Islander lures fished in combination with a bait have been a long favorite.  Darker colors like purple and black or red and black are tried and tested favorites, although we have caught Wahoo on every color combo.

More About Wahoo…

Wahoo is one of the fastest fish in the ocean.  They can reach burst speeds of 60 miles per hour.  With great speed they are a terrific game fish.  Bright and beautiful colors, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth they are a great Sport Game fish we catch off Miami and Miami Beach.




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Miami Fishing Report Wahoo
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