Sailfishing Miami
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Sailfishing Miami On The Spellbound

Sailfishing Miami sailfish caught on Spellbound off Miami

We enjoy Sailfishing Miami all year long, but the best season for  a charter fishing trip for Sailfish fishing Miami is in the winter and spring months.  Is the summer months we catch most of our Sailfish off shore.  The fish are spread out throughout the warm Gulf Stream waters.  Like any fishery the Sailfish are where you find the bait fish.  As the waters begin to cool in the Fall the Sailfish migrate in the deep reef.  The fish school up and begin to feed on the abundant bait on the reef complex.  Sailfish spawns all winter and spring and the deep reef becomes the meeting grounds.

Sailfishing Miami…

The best way to target the Summer time Sailfish is on the troll.  The fish are spread out and you will need to cover a lot of ground.  Natural baits like Ballyhoo and Bonita strips work best.  Trolling speed should be set by watching your baits.  Go just fast enough that they are swimming well through the water. The Winter and Spring fishing is much different.  The best technique for Sailfishing Miami is live bait fishing.  The most effective way of Sailfishing with live bait is using a fishing kite.

images-2Kite Sailfishing Miami

A fishing kite is like an outrigger in the sky.  The kite keeps the live baits right on the surface, and spaced out appropriately.  With perfect conditions, wind and current we can fish two kites.  We can fish three baits on each kite, a few Flatline baits & deep rods.  The best live baits for Sailfishing Miami are Herring, Goggle Eye, Blue Runner, Pilchards & Sardines.  Although we have caught Sailfish on almost any small live bait in the kite.

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Let’s go Sailfishing Miami on the Spellbound on your next visit to Miami or Miami Beach.  For more info or to book your fishing charter call Capt. Jay at (305) 785-0552.  He can also be reached by e-mail at  You can also book directly online on our online booking calendar… Fishing Reservations!