Shark Fishing Miami
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Shark Fishing Miami

Shark Fishing Miami - Capt. Jay's Deep Sea Fishing MiamiShark Fishing Miami & Miami Beach is a great way to spend a half day, 3/4 day or full day charter.  With the deep blue Gulf Stream current typically less than three miles off  Miami Beach, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of sharks migrating past our coast.  On any given day shark fishing Miami we may see Mako Shark, Hammer Head Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, Thrasher Shark, Silky Shark, “Cuban” Night Shark, Sandbar Sharks, Blacktip Shark, Spinner Shark, Sharp Nose Sharks, Big Nose, Black Nose & maybe even the Great White Shark.

Shark Fishing Miami Dead Bait Tactics

Shark Fishing Miami- Capt. Jay's Deep Sea Fishing MiamiShark fishing Miami on the 57′ Spellbound is done in quite a few ways. One of my favorite shark fishing tactics is to use a medium shark bait like a tuna, bonita, jack or mackerel.  We rig the bait by first splitting the bait the long way, and removing the back bone.  That makes the shark bait appear to be alive and swimming, while leaning a scent and fish particle trail. We rig this bait with a 9/0 to 20/0 hook to match the size of the bait.  The leader is made of material as light as #8 steel piano wire and as heavy as double twisted #19 wire or stranded cable.

This type of shark bait can be deployed in many different ways.  The first is on the surface, held in place by a Sport fishing kite.  For more info about kite fishing see our information page on kite fishing strategies. The sport fishing kite makes the bait appear to be jumping or flipping out of the water, this drives the sharks in stinks to strike.  We also fish this style bait on or just below the surface.  The bait is placed behind the boat and set in the out riggers. We also fish this same shark bait in the middle of the water column.  We lower the shark bait with a lead of one to three pounds and suspend the rig at a depth with a floating jug or balloon.

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You may here us scream “On The WIRE!!!!”, thats our favorite bait here Shark fishing Miami.  We place the same rig on the bottom of the sea attached to wire fishing line by a rig we created called the “Cloths Hanger”.  The cloths hanger is a triangle shaped metal spreader bar that keeps the bait and leader from tangling around the main running fishing line.  The cloths hanger also creates an elusion to the sharks that the shark bait appears to be swimming wounded like, across the bottom.  The wire shark fishing bait is held to the bottom by a five pound lead.  We get the lead “Bouncing” across the bottom, this consistent sound we like to say “Rings The Dinner Bell”.

Shark Fishing Miami Live Bait Tactics

Shark Fishing Miami - Capt. Jay's Deep Sea Fishing MiamiShark fishing Miami and Miami Beach with live bait can be a truly exiting experience.  Our favorite live bait for Shark Fishing is the live Bonita, also called “Flips” or “Bullets”.  These baits are from about ten inches to over four pounds.  We catch these baits trolling small feathers and jigs over wrecks in 50′ to over 250′ of water.  The higher the relief and shape of the wreck the better the bait fishing will be.  We have two, 250 gallon round live wells specifically designed and built to keep these fragile but amazing shark baits alive. We fish these shark baits either on the surface attached to the out riggers or on a down rigger or both at the same time. We slow troll the shark baits either with or against the current, depending on the wind and currents of the day.  The rigs we use consists of about 10-12 feet of #9 single strand steel piano wire connected with a Haywire Twist to a 7/0 to 12/0 hook depending on the size of the bait. We have caught almost every shark available off our coast using this method.  The tackle that we fish these baits on are as light as 20 lb on Shimano Tyrnos reels to 30 lb on Penn 30TW’s or as heavy as 80 pound line on Penn 70VS.  The largest shark that we have caught on a live Bonita, was a 600+ pound Great Gray Hammerhead Shark on a Penn 30TW.  That fish was an almost four hour fight, epic Shark Fishing Miami at it’s best!

Shark Fishing Miami… Let’s Go fishing!

Shark Fishing Miami - Capt. Jay's Deep Sea Fishing MiamiShark fishing Miami is a fun and exiting fishing charter. When we are fishing with the largest of baits you may also have a chance of catching many other large Sport Game Fish. While shark fishing off Miami & Miami Beach we have caught Marlin, Swordfish, Sailfish,Tuna, Bull Dolphin, Wahoo, giant Grouper, Sting Ray and others. Our largest Wahoo was caught by Capt. Manny while fishing a live “Flip” in the rigger.  That wahoo was over 105 pounds.  We have also caught a Yellowfin Tuna over 125 pounds, an 85 pound Black Grouper, 1,200 pound Sting Ray and we had just this season a 40 pound Bull Dolphin eat a 10 pound Tunny we had out for Sharks.

We always put out other baits depending on the season and the area we are fishing.  It is not uncommon to catch Sailfish, Mahi, Tuna & Kingfish on smaller baits while waiting for a big Shark to find our baits. If you are up for a little added adventure in your next fishing charter… give Shark Fishing Miami a chance.  You may just catch that fish of a lifetime!

Shark Fishing Miami… Laws and Regulations

Over the past few years the state of Florida and the federal government has protected most of the large shark species that we encounter. We are still allowed to fish for these great sharks but we are restricted from killing or keeping most.  We can temporarily land most sharks to properly identify the species, and get a quick picture. Getting the sharks safely back into the water quickly is our highest concern after your’s and the crews safety.  We do our best to protect these great predators and get a clean release so the sharks will not get hurt or damaged.

Shark Fishing Miami… Can I still get a Trophy of my Catch

We will only temporarily land a shark for proper identification and measurement if our customer would like to have a replica mount made of their catch. Our local taxidermist can create an exact replica of your catch using molds of actual fish that were harvested before the laws were changed. These new modern taxidermy techniques create trophy mounts that are much more realistic and colorful than ever before. It’s a win win now, you can still get a strikingly beautiful lifelike mount of your catch and the fish can live on to reproduce sustain the future.