Summer Kingfish Fishing Report
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Summer Kingfish Fishing Report

Summer Kingfish Fishing Report on the 57′ Spellbound Sport Fishing off Miami & Miami Beach.  Every summer we get a run of some better size school Kingfish.  During the hot “dog” days of summer Summer Kingfish Fishing Report - Kids Fishing Miamithe trolling action is great.  To target Kingfish while trolling we have a few tricks.  First is get the bait down deep, we use planners and down riggers to do this. Typically we use the planner when trolling at a medium speed with dead bait or artificial baits.  The down rigger is for slower speeds and live baits.

Summer Kingfish Fishing Report all about the Baits…

The best natural trolling baits for summer time Kingfish are fresh cut Bonita strips and double hooked fresh Ballyhoo.  We use skirts, sea witches, mylar’s and feather lures to dress up our strips & Ballyhoo. Although a well cut fresh strip can be fished naked.  We rig both natural baits one of two ways. First is double hooks from 7/0 to 10/0 depending on the size of the bait.  We fish them tied directly to 60lb to 100 lb mono leaders.  We get a few cutoffs on the mono leader, but get a lot more bites when the water is clear or the fish are finicky.  The other rig is based on a wire leader with the same double hook rigs.  We fish a six foot leader made of wire as light as #6 and as heavy as #9.  We choose our wire size by the size of the bait and the size of the kings that we are targeting.

Summer Kingfish Fishing Report Live Bait…

Our favorite live bait to make our  Summer Kingfish Fishing Report is a live Bonita.  We fish the live Bonita’s on the downrigger, set down 50′ to 80′ depending on the water depth.  We also fish the Bonita’s on the surface, slow trolled out of the out riggers. We rig these baits on #9 wire and a 9/0 lead hook and a #1 to 4/0 treble hook trailer. With this fishing method, we see some of the seasons largest Kingfish

Summer Kingfish Fishing Report… Let’s Go Fishing !

Let’s go Deep Sea fishing Miami!  to become part of our Miami Fishing Report Summer Fishing and have a great fishing charter adventure you can call or text Capt. Jay on his cell at (305) 785-0552 or book your fishing charter online here!  Fore more info you can e-mail Capt. Jay .  See you on the Reef !

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Summer Kingfish Fishing Report
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