Wreck Fishing Miami
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Wreck Fishing Miami On The SpellboundWreck Fishing Miami - Sinking of a wreck

We do a lot of wreck fishing Miami on the Spellbound.  With the near shore waters off Miami Beach are home to many wrecks and artificial reefs.  Although some of the ship wrecks are accidents.  Most were sunk on purpose as part of the Artificial Reef and Wreck Program.  With the different wrecks range from 400 foot+ WWII Liberty ship, army tanks, old commercial boats to small boats sunk privately.  In order to have your own “Honey Hole”.

Wreck Fishing Miami - Warsaw GrouperWreck Fishing Miami the Game Fish

When wreck fishing Miami we use these wrecks to find every thing from Sailfish to Snapper.  I have even caught a 125lb Swordfish on the bottom next to a wreck is 650 foot of water.  Although above most of the wrecks off Miami & Miami Beach are schools of Little Tunny, Bonita & Black Fin Tuna. Sailfish, Wahoo & Dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi) also frequent wrecks looking for food.  On the bottom are Grouper & Snapper.  Just above the bottom fish are the Jacks: Amberjack, Almaco Jack, Rudder Fish, Rainbow Runners & Blue Runners.  The wrecks are refuge to shoals of bait fish.  From small Glass Minnows to Bonito, and thats why Wreck Fishing Miami can be so productive.

Wreck Fishing Miami Tactics…

We have many ways to target the many different fish on our wrecks.  Although most of the large Grouper and Amberjack are caught using live bait and long leaders.  Live baits of choice are Pinfish, Blue Runner, Goggle Eye & best of all is a small live Bonita.  Medium sized snapper, Grouper, & Jacks are caught using the same system.  We just down size the bait to a small pinfish, Pilchard or Sardine. Smaller snapper and grouper are caught using cut bait such as Squid, Bonita & others.  The best rig is a multiple up and down (chicken) rig.  

Lead on the bottom and a swivel on the to, hooks in the middle on dropper loops.  Although one of the largest Groupers we caught, a 90lb Warsaw was caught on a small cut strip of Bonita. Although Kite fishing over the wrecks will catch Sailfish, Dolphin & Tuna.  Jig wreck fishing Miami will catch every thing from snapper, grouper, kingfish to Tuna.

Let’s Go Wreck Fishing Miami…

To book your groups adventure and go wreck fishing Miami on the Spellbound you can contact Capt. Jay on his cell phone (305) 785-0552 or by e-mail or book online Here !



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