Yellow Eye Snapper Fishing Miami
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Yellow Eye Snapper Fishing Miami

Yellow Eye Snapper Fishing Miami also called Silk Snapper or Silky’s are a great a snapper to fish for. We find them on rock piles ledges and wrecks. The depth of water typically ranges from as shallow as 180′ to as deep as 750′. Off Miami and Miami beach we find them typically in 250′ to 400′ of water. They range in size from about about a pound to almost ten pounds. Although a four pound Yellow Eye Snapper fishing Miami is a considered a big fish. 

Yellow Eye Snapper Fishing Miami

Yellow Eye Snapper are a great eating fish a welcomed catch. While targeting these snappers we also may catch Vermillion Snapper, Red Snapper, Lane Snapper, Snowy Grouper, Yellow Edge Grouper, Scamp Grouper and Almaco Jacks. 

The rigs we use are up and down (chicken rig) or short leaders. The best baits are fresh caught. Among those are bonita, mullet, squid and other fresh small whole baits or cut fresh strips. Use just enough lead to hold the bottom. A multiple hook rig may get two or more fish at a time. Although a single hook rig with a larger bait will typically catch larger Yellow Eye Snappers fishing Miami. 

Yellow Eye Snapper Fishing Miami on Spellbound

On the Spellbound you can chose to target deeper water bottom fishing. On those trips if we find Yellow Eye Snappers it is not unusual to get a few snappers as they tend to school up. We would normally run from spot to spot. On each spot we may drop a few different rigs to target different species, and see what is there and bitting.  


Yellow Eye Snapper Fishing Miami


Silk Snapper: Lutjanus vivanus


  • Back and upper sides pinkish red, shading to silvery sides with undulating yellow lines
  • Pectorals are pale yellow
  • Back edge of caudal fin is blackish
  • Anal fin pointed
  • No dark lateral spot


Silk snapper are common offshore over rocky ledges in very deep water. They are most common in south Florida.


Little is known about the behavior of the silk snapper.


Yellow Eye Snapper Fishing Miami

Capt. Jay

Captain of the USCG Licensed & Inspected Spellbound Charter Fishing Boat Miami Beach, FL. Capt. Jay has been fishing off Miami & Miami Beach for more than 40 years. Capt. Jay is a Multiple IGFA world record holder and discovered a new species of fish. Capt. Jay now spends his days giving his customers great fishing adventures. Catching a young angler his first fish or an experienced angler his or her largest fish is what Capt. Jay lives for. "We catch the fish of a lifetime, every day !"

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