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Grouper Fishing Miami on the Spellbound

Grouper Fishing Miami is a fun fishing technique.  Most of our Groupers are caught bottom fishing on the deep reefs or out on the shipwrecks.  We catch quite a few different Grouper here off Miami and Miami Beach.  We categorize the Groupers by shallow water Grouper and deep water Gropers.  A few species will occur in both places, while others always stay in a specific depth.

Grouper Fishing Miami… Different species we catch.

Grouper Fishing Miami, in the shallow reef waters we may typically fish for and catch   Black Grouper, Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Coney Grouper, Hindes & the smaller Grasby Grouper. There are a few other Groupers that live on the shallow reefs that we do not catch that often.  Examples are: Yellowfin Grouper, Marble Grouper & Nassau Grouper.  These Groupers do occur on our reefs occasionally, but are rarely caught  We concentrate out snapper fishing efforts in the deeper waters.  Out on deep reefs or ship wrecks we  typically fish for and catch: Snowy Grouper, Yellow Edge Grouper & Scamp Grouper  and the rarest or all of the Groupers and king of the Miami reefs and wrecks…  Warsaw Grouper!

Grouper Fishing Miami on the Spellbound…

On the 57′ USCG licensed & Inspected Spellbound, we fish for the Snappers off Miami & Miami beach with both live and cut bait.  Most of our snappers are caught bottom fishing.  Although we will catch a few Mutton Snappers trolling.  Some snappers are schooling fish. To fish for them we use multiple hook rigs, and one lucky will catch two or three on the same rig.  The best way to target the larger Snappers is with live bait fished on a long leader.

Grouper Fishing Miami… Let’s Go Fishing!

To book your fishing trip when you are in Miami or on Miami Beach you can call or text Capt. Jay at (305) 785 – 0552 or E- Mail Capt. Jay at:  captjlc@gmail.com