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May Snapper Fishing

Snapper fishing is just getting started. This week we caught a few larger Vermillion Snapper and just yesterday we caught an almost

Mahi Mahi Fishing

Dolphin Mahi Fishing Miami this week was great. This past week was the first consistent Dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi) fishing that we

Miami Summer Wahoo Fishing

Summer Wahoo Fishing in Miami Fl heats up about half way through the summer and peaks at the beginning of the Fall.

Reef fishing

Reef fishing in Miami, FL  is on fire this week. What we are talking about is trolling just off the deep edge

Miami Fishing Report For May

We have also caught quite a few Sailfish this season while Trolling. We use fresh cut Bonita Strips in conjunction with skirts

Grouper Fishing in Miami

Grouper Fishing Miami… Capt. Manny is just tearing up the grouper fishing this month. December is the last month that we are

Miami Red Snapper Fishing

Red Snapper Fishing Miami Fl… True Genuine Red Snapper were a rare catch off Miami and Miami Beach. It was always said

Miami October Fishing Report

Spellbound’s Miami October Fishing Report is red hot this month. The Fall fishing has really turned on. We have been catching a

Windy Weather & Rough Seas

Windy Weather Fishing Miami… we survived our first Hurricane scare of the year. We got hit by Hurricane Mathew, but Windy Weather

Sailfish, Wahoo & Sharks

Miami Fall Fishing Sailfish Wahoo Sharks and Kingfish… The seasons are changing and so is the fishing. As the water temperature begins

Miami Sailfish Fishing Trip

Miami Sailfish Fishing Trip … This past week we have seen some amazing trolling for Sailfish off Miami and Miami Beach. Every

Still Catching Wahoos

Capt. Manny has been on a mad tare catching Wahoo. Just a mile or so off Miami Beach lies the outside edge

Big Mahi-Mahi Are Showing Up

Big Mahi Mahi came through Miami, early this Summer. We had some of the best “Gaffer” sized Dolphin FishFishing Charter Miami Beach

Miami Sailfish Trolling

To us that means catching Sailfish on dead baits that are rigged and pulled behind the boat at three to seven knots.

Fall Shark Fishing

Shark fishing is just starting to heat up as the weather cools off. As the Atlantic ocean begins to cool as winter

Miami Fall Wahoo Fishing

Every Fall off Miami and Miami Beach, typically around to fool moon in October we see a migration of wahoo through the

Miami Wreck Fishing

Wreck Fishing off Miami and Miami Beach started heating up this week. The strong Gulf Stream currents have finally slowed down enough

Rare Cuban Night Shark

A rare Cuban Night Shark was a welcomed catch this week by the crew of the Spellbound. “Cuban” Night Sharks are a

Tarpon to Sailfish

Tarpon to Sailfish… Can those two amazing trophy fish both be caught is a half day fishing off Miami and Miami Beach.

Summer Amberjack Fishing

Summer Amberjack Fishing Miami – Capt. Jays Deep Sea Fishing Miamiis not traditionally the best time of year to target the large

Lobster Diving in Miami, FL

Lobster Diving on the Spellbound this week. The Annual opening to the lobster season starts on a Wednesday with “Mini Season” .

Summer Fishing

Miami Fishing Report Summer Fishing brings in large catches and a wide variety of sport game fish. This past week we caught

Anglers showing their catch of yellow tail snappers

Miami Reef Fishing Report

Miami Fishing Reef Fishing this week was great. The conditions were just perfect for a little Yellowtail fishing this week. We had

Wahoo Fishing Report

Wahoo are on the reef. Every summer the waters off Miami Beach warm up and the Little Tunny Tuna’s make their migration

Miami Sportfishing Report

Miami Sport Fishing Report for the start of June is great. This past week we caught one of the largest King Fish

Miami Tuna Fishing

The big Blackfin Tuna show up every year in may and migrate off Miami and Miami Beach through a good part of

Kids Fishing This Week

Miami Fishing Report Kids Fishing this week on Capt. Jay’s Spellbound. We had the privilege of taking quite a few kids on

Fishing Report For Feb-May 2014

Wreck Fishing Febuary 14, 2014 This week Miami fishing report wreck fishing… We caught our second giant true American Red Snapper. True

Fishing Report January 2014

Barracuda Fishing on the Reefs January 30, 2014 The really large Greater Barracuda has been a rare catch of lately. These “Dinosaurs”

Fishing Report Archived 2013

December Report December 26, 2013 Our Miami Fishing Report December starts out with Sailfish. Winter is here and the Sailfish bite has