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Miami Wreck Fishing in the Fall

Fall fishing in Miami is just action packed fishing. The wrecks come alive this time of year. As the water temperature begins to fall, all sorts of great game and sport fish migrate south. This past week we have seen all kinds of great fish on the deeper wrecks. Golden Amberjack, Almaco Jacks, Black Grouper, Snowy Grouper, Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, Red Snapper, small Blackfin Tuna, Little Tunny & Trigger Fish are just a few of the fish that we have caught this week on the wrecks.

Fishing Tackle Used During the Fall Months on the Reefs

The larger predator fish like Golden Amberjacks and Black Grouper, we typically fish for with heavy tackle on the 50 to 100 pound range. Hooks are 7/0 – 10/0 offset circle hooks. We try to match the hook size to the size of the bait. Leaders are in the 60 – 100 pound range, also depends on the bait, current & other conditions. The best baits are live Bonita & Big Pinfish. We also use Blue runners, Mullet and other live bait fish.

The smaller snappers are caught using and up and down “chicken” rig. This rig has the sinker on the bottom and two or more dropper loops. We fish cut fresh bait on the rig. The type of bait is less important . Most important is the bait must be fresh caught and cut. Snappers don’t like to chase rigs, so use proper weight and keep your rig right on the bottom.

Capt. Jay Cohen

Capt. Jay owns and operates the Miami fishing charter Capt. Jay’s Deep Sea Fishing. Capt. Jay has fished Miami for more than 40 years and holds several I.G.F.A world records and has won multiple tournaments, including the METT tournament and the fun fish boat in the Miami Billfish tournament. Capt. Jay discovered a new species of tilefish and had the honor of naming the fish (Bahama Tiger Tilefish).