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Rare Cuban Night Shark

A rare Cuban Night Shark was a welcomed catch this week by the crew of the Spellbound. “Cuban” Night Sharks are a rarely seen let alone caught Shark. The Rare Cuban Night Shark spends most of it’s time on or near the bottom of the deep ocean. The Rare Cuban Night Shark looks just like a Mako Shark, except the overall color is a copper brown. Unlike the purple blue of the Mako Shark. Both sharks have very pointy heads, long pectoral finds & a short dorsal fin.

The Rare Cuban Night Shark is a hard fighting shark, that makes long runs and has a no quit attitude. They are a truly exiting catch every time. Although Cuban Night Sharks do not jump, they do fight very hard to stay deep in the water column. They are a lively shark with amazing emerald green eye’s.

Cuban Night Shark Caught on Lighttackle

We caught this Rare Cuban Night Shark while deep drop fishing with light tackle. We landed this shark on 30 pound braid line with a 60 pound monofilament leader. The Cuban Night Shark ate a fish that we had on the line. We had been fighting a good sized bottom fish and we were about 50 foot off the bottom in almost 600 foot of water. The shark was hooked in the corner of the mouth and took almost an hour and a half to land. After a few quick pictures the shark was released and swam back into the deep.

Capt. Jay Cohen

Capt. Jay owns and operates the Miami fishing charter Capt. Jay’s Deep Sea Fishing. Capt. Jay has fished Miami for more than 40 years and holds several I.G.F.A world records and has won multiple tournaments, including the METT tournament and the fun fish boat in the Miami Billfish tournament. Capt. Jay discovered a new species of tilefish and had the honor of naming the fish (Bahama Tiger Tilefish).