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barracuda Fishing in Miami

Barracuda Fishing Miami is just great fun for the entire family. Kids can do it too. Its a great trip if you are just two people or over ten people.We find Great Barracudas just about any where off Miami and Miami Beach. They range in size from about a foot to almost five feet for a real giant. Although most of the Barracudas we run across these days are typically three foot or less in length. We catch them trolling, live bait fishing, kite fishing and just about any other method.

Catching Giant Barracuda

Fishing for the largest of the Barracudas is fun and challenging sport fishing. We find the Barracuda Fishing Miamilargest Barracudas typically on structure. Although the largest Barracudas are found on ship wrecks. The wrecks that we target are located in water depths as shallow as 20n feet and out to depths of over 200 feet.

Barracudas are a top tier predator and will attack fish that are of equal size to themselves. They are opportunists and look for opportunities to ambush an unaware fish. They will also regularly attack rather large hooked fish. I have lost large Wahoo, Bull Dolphin, Tuna, Kingfish, Snapper, Grouper and a host of other smaller fish to the Great Barracuda.

So the question becomes how to you target the largest of the Barracudas effectively. The answer is using the largest live bait you can get and fish properly. We also know that there favorites are fish in the Tuna family, Mackerel family, and Jack family. One of my most favorite live baits is the Bonita.

Little Tunny AKA Bonita are a smaller member of the tuna family and are readily available most of the year. It is not unusual to find them over the same wrecks that Barracuda frequent. Our live wells on the 57′ Spellbound can accommodate any where from about a dozen to two dozen live Bonita, depending on size.

barracuda Fishing in Miami

Barracudas are aggressive predators that strike a bait with amazing speed and ferocity. They have razor sharp Barracuda Fishing Miamiteeth. Therefore all of our rigs start with a wire leader. We use small treble hooks from size #4 to 4/0 depending solely on the size of the bait. A very successful fishing method is using a down rigger. This devise can deploy a live bait down to any depth we choose. After a fish strikes, the line is released from a clip. Then the fish is directly on the line . We also will use the same rig and slow troll the live Bonita’s on the surface. Slow trolling a combination of a bait on the downrigger and on the surface in the outriggers is my favorite method.

All of our Barracuda fishing Miami is a catch and release fishery. We will only land fish that are kept for trophies, and a trophy of any fish can be created even if were release the fish.