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best fishing charter in miami

Best Fishing Charter in Miami is that magical combination of the right boat, perfect crew, great tackle, distance to the fishing grounds & a smooth operatingBest Fishing Charter in Miami – Spellboundbusiness model. The boat can be one of the most important components in finding the best fishing charter in Miami Fl. Size does matter, a larger boat will make you fishing adventure more comfortable. That means more fun. A newer boat will be safer and have more modern conveniences.
Our 57′ custom built USCG licensed “Spellbound” was built in late 2009. The Spellbound is one of the largest charter fishing boats in Miami. The Spellbound is also one of the newest charter fishing boats deep sea fishing Miami. For more information about the 57′Spellbound click here… When the seas are up and the wind is blowing, the fishing can be the best. These conditions may leave most of the fleet at the dock, but we can go fishing. Don’t loose your fishing trip to weather, when you have the option of a larger boat.

Best Fishing Charter in Miami… All About The Crew

Their is a lot of luck in fishing, but the right crew can turn a poor fishing day into the best fishing day of your life. The choices the Captain makes in where to go and what to fish for with what technique will decide the success of the day . A Captain with a lifetime of experience will make all the difference. We can’t always make the fish bite and the fish are not always available. Although a knowledgeable crew will know where and how to get the most opportunities. Or how to change gears and target a new species or take advantage of opportunities most people would have never seen.

Best location in miami to the fishing grounds

Our marina, The Haulover Park Marina is the closest dock to the fishing grounds. Most of the year, depending on weather we will have our groups fishing “lines in” in less than 15 minutes. It is less than three (3) miles to 600+ feet of water from our dock. Most of our fishing begins at about 100 feet of water, about a mile and a half. A short ride out is most important when the seas are up, that weans comfort to our guests. The close ride also let’s us give our customers maximum fishing time in a half day charter.