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Burial At Sea Miami

Burial At Sea Miami is another service that we offer. Our 57 foot Spellbound is a USCG Licensed, Inspected and insured for up to 23 people. With our special license from the United States Coast Guard we can take larger groups offshore. State waters end at three (3) miles and Federal waters begin at the same line. It takes us generally less than half an hour depending on sea conditions to exit the state waters. And enter the cobalt waters of the Gulf Stream from our dock. Most Ash Scattering Burial At Sea charter trips take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on the service you would like to have out at sea. We are a aware of all state and Federal laws and abide by them on all charter trips.

Burial At Sea Miami Procedure

You will meet the boat at our home dock at the Haulover Park Marina Slip E-10: 10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. Once your party arrives we will lead the group on board and after a short introduction and safety briefing we will head out to sea. Depending on the weather and sea condition we will be out of the state water and in the Gulf Stream in anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes. Once on site we will stop the boat and hold into the wind and sea. It is at this point that you will be free to start the service and deliver the ashes to the sea. You are welcome to stay on the site as long as you like. We will then take the ride back to the dock, and help the group disembark.

Ash Scattering Burial At Sea What you Need To Know

We charge $100 per person on board with a minimum of $600. Included are two crew members, Capt. & Mate. All fuel, ice & cooler for your refreshments. Upon arrival at the boat our crew will greet you and help every one board the vessel. The captain will give you a quick tour of the boat. Then a safety briefing and a description of what we do and were we will go. We will also record the final resting place for your loved one and e-mail you a certificate with the latitude and longitude recorded. The only additional cost is a gratuity for the crew, 20% is typical.