Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami
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Daytime Swordfishing Miami

Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami..

Miami offers some of the most consistent Daytime Swordfish fishing Miami in the world.  Further more, during the day Swordfish spend most of their time near the bottom of the continental wall. Also known as the “drop off”. Because off the coast of Miami & Miami Beach the deep drop off is only about 16 – 18 miles out. Swordfish are with in the range of al all day fishing trip.  Hence the sea bottom falls from about 900′ to over 2000′ in a very short distance. Most Swordfish swim up and down this deep sea canyon wall feeding on squid and fish.Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami_big awordfish

We can reach these fish by dropping baits down 1800′ plus.  This technique is actually slow trolling a bait on or near the bottom.  Because the Gulf Stream current of about 4 knots, we can power drift a controlled trolling speed of about 2.5 knots.  Therefore the net result is a trolled bait 1800′ foot down swimming north at about a knot and a half. We keep boat facing and trolling along to the South, but actually moving north at that magical 1.5 knots.

Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami , The Gear…

Daytime Swordfish fishing is deep drop fishing with electric reels. The fishing line we use is spectra and ranges from as light as 50 lbs to as heavy as 150 Lbs.  The weight can be as Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami on the Spellboundlight as 5 pounds to as heavy as 15 pounds. Additionally the leader is constructed out of 200 lbs mono and is about 60′ to as long as 200′.  Consequently the hook we choose is fitted to the bait, normally a 9/0 to 12/0.  Furthermore the line and weight are chosen to work with the current and the wind of the day.Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami sword daytime diagram

Mostly finding the right combination of tackle to keep your bait in the strike zone is the hardest part of rigging for daytime Swordfish.  The bait we use is typically a “Panama rigged ” Bonita belly strip or Squid. The baits are sewn to swim like they are alive and to keep the baits on the hook after a Swordfish attacks it will its bill.  Just like traditional trolling on the surface we use a combination of skirts and lures to enhance our trolling baits for Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami.Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami on deck

Swordfish grabbing a bait 2000′ away is subtle.  Although noticeable against all of the other motions the rod will take on due to environment.  Once tight with the fish the fun begins, the fights are hard and long with amazing jumps and epic runs.  Let’s go Day Time Swordfish Fishing Miami !

Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami fishing reel


Daytime Swordfish Fishing Miami on the Spellbound Swordfish