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kite fishing miami

Miami is one of the best techniques that we use to target Sailfish, Big Sharks, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Black Fin Tuna, Kingfish & many other great deep sea sport game fish. The kite is like an out rigger in the sky. We deploy the kite or kites out through out outriggers in to the sky. On the running line of the kite there a three release clips. Each clip is equally spaced apart from each other. The line from the fishing rod passes through the release clip and down to the water. The release clips are set a about 2-3 pounds of pull. When a game fish grabs the bait the line will release from the kite.

Why kite fishing works

Kite Fishing Miami works so well because we use baits that live on or near the bottom and the kite suspends them on the surface. The baits struggle to dive below the surface. Their efforts are fruitless and the baits are stuck to the surface. Billfish and other Sport Game Fish try to push their prey fish to the surface. At the surface there is almost no way of escape for the bait fish. The kite puts our bait fish exactly where the predator fish want it… stuck to the surface. We can fish two kites with three baits on each. That way we can get multiple hookups and always have multiple baits in the water fishing. We will also vary our baits to give different Game fish the option they are looking for.

Kite Fishing Miami the Tackle

The actual rod that works the kite in and out as we change baits is a short rod with an electric fishing reel. The kites are special made for fishing. The kites are built for stability in the air. There are different kites for the different wind speeds. The fishing rods we use are spooled with lighter line usually about 20lb line. The light line is needed to keep the kite flying properly and the bait presented well. The bait must be lively, and light line will keep the bait fresh and moving well. We also choose smaller hooks and lighter leaders for the same reason. Kite Fishing Miami is a lot of fun, so book your adventure with us. Tell us, “I want to go Kite Fishing Miami Style !”