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MARLIN Fishing in Miami

Marlin Fishing Miami… A Blue Marlin will grab a bait and pull line off a fishing reel like you are hooked to a freight train. It is one of the most amazing bites in the Sport Fishing world. We also catch the smaller cousin to the Blue Marlin, the White Marlin. White Marlin are a smaller Marlin. They will typically be around 5o pounds and our largest white marlin is 120 pounds. Their bigger cousin the Blue Marlin will reach well over 1,000 pounds. Although we typically see Blue Marlin from about 100 pounds to 300 pounds. Marlin are a rare catch off Miami and Miami Beach. Although we do get a few shots at them every year.

Our largest Blue Marlin was over 700 pounds and was over 14 feet in total length. That fish was caught on 20 pound line on a 25 Shimano TLD. The fight lasted over six hours and the fish was brought to the side of the boat just after midnight. We hooked the fish at about 4 pm… one very long day. We chased the fish nearly 20 miles during the battle. When the fish was landed we measured her length and girth so we could calculate an estimated weight. After a few pictures we released the giant marlin to fight again. And yes… our angler chose to release this fish and have their trophy made through Release-A-Dermy.

Sailfish, the marlin's smaller cousin

While Marlin are a more rare catch for us we do see and catch a lot of Sailfish. Sailfish are typically confused with Marlin, and rightfully so. marlin fishing miami They are both in the Billfish Family. The only easy way to tell the difference id the shape of the dorsal fin. Sailfish have a large dorsal (top) fin. Marlin have a dorsal fin that comes up from the head like a sailfish but cuts back town. Thats it, both are large fish commonly over six feet in length. Sailfish are similarly colored and both have a large bill in the front of their faces.