Sea Sickness
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Sea SicknessSea Sickness

Sea sickness is a concern to some of our customers, and rightfully so. It is impossible for our Captains and crew to know how exactly how rough the ocean will be on any given day or even time of day. Conditions change quickly and what is calm for us may be rough to you…

Changing Conditions

The ocean can go from flat calm to six foot seas in just a few minutes if currents change, direction of wind switches, or a storm develops in the vicinity. The reverse is also true, some days we will leave the dock in a four foot sea and before we can get the lines out, the sea just flatten out. The tides and currents are always changing and so are the sea conditions.

What are Rough Conditions ?

That is a truly hard question to answer. We have had customers get sea sickness on the boat before we were able to get the dock lines off the boat. We have also had customers out fishing on 12 plus foot seas that were able to have that great catch, and have a truly amazing adventure. When the national weather service issues a “sea sickness Small Craft Warning” is when we consider the ocean to be rough.

What Should I do to be Ready ?

Your fishing charter is an investment in time and money. If you have sea sickness concerns the best course of action is to take any of the anti-sea sick medicines that are readily available. Customers have reported to us that Dramamine works well. A great little trick is if you have a morning charter take a Dramamine with a large glass of water just before you go to sleep the night before. Take a second Dramamine when you get up and have breakfast. The earlier you get the medicine in your body the better it will work. If you take one as you get on the boat in the morning, it may not be as effective on your sea sickness.

Other remedies for sea sickness like Ginger Candy, Ginger Cookies, Wrist Bands and a Scopolamine Patch are all also effective for many people. It is also good to take some dry crackers like Saltines and regular Coca Cola with you. Some times that is just enough to settle your stomach.

Our Captains and Crew…

Please remember our Captains and Crew can not see the future, nor do they know how the seas will affect you and your group. When small craft warnings are posted by the weather service our Captains will advice our customers of the rough sea conditions and fishing options.  If the sea state is with in the normal conditions that we fish in every day, mention of conditions is not necessary.

If you have concerns about sea sickness communicate them with the crew and they will advice you as best to their ability. Our Captains and Crew have the authority to terminate any charter and return to port, if they determine that any customer has become so sea sick that it has become an immediate health concern. Examples are dehydration, excessive vomiting, delirium or other signs of sea sickness .