Shark Fishing Miami FL
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Shark Fishing Miami FL

Shark Fishing Miami FL Mako Shark on the Spellbound Miami Fl

We offer great Shark Fishing on the charter fishing boat Spellbound.  We offer private and shared fishing charters for Shark Fishing.  Although if you really want the best shark fishing charter experience, a private charter is best.  We catch all kinds of pelagic sport game sharks, with the deep blue waters of the Gulf Stream less than two miles from our marina, the shark fishing is great !


Shark Fishing Miami FL… Types of Sharks.

While Shark Fishing we see quite a few different sport big game sharks species.  The different types we may encounter are: Mako Shark, Bigeye Thresher Shark, Hammer Head Shark, Bull Shark, Tiger Shark, Sandbar Shark, Silky Shark, Black Tip Shark & others.

Protected Shark Fishing

Almost all of the different big game sharks that we catch are protected by the state of Florida and the Federal Government.  That means that we are permitted to catch, temporarily land to identify the species, photograph, measure, and then make a quick release back into the ocean.  Most important is to try our best release all of our sharks quickly to give them the best chances for survival.  The only sharks we are currently permitted to harvest are: Mako Shark, Black Tip Shark & Bull Shark.

Trophy Shark Fishing in Miami FL

We offer our customers a great program for getting a trophy mount of their shark made.  Our local taxidermist is the worlds largest marine taxidermist and have mastered the new craft of  “Release -a- Dermy”.  They have created molds of all the different game fish in every size.  That we can catch, measure and photograph your trophy shark. After a great battle and release you can obtain a perfect replica of your trophy, that you will have for a lifetime.

Our Shark Fishing Miami FL … Please enjoy a few of our shark fishing pictures. All the sharks were caught on our Charter Fishing boat… Spellbound!


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