Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami
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Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami

Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami…

Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami is heating up. The deep reef of Miami and Miami Beach is alive with LittleSummer Wahoo Fishing Miami Kids Tunny, Black Fin Tuna and some nice Summer Kingfish (king Mackerel). Mixed in are some of the seasons largest Wahoo. These Wahoo are feeding on the same bait as the Tuna, but the larger Wahoo are feeding on the abundant mix of Tuna’s. 

Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami Techniques…

Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami, we fish for and catch these amazing fish while live bait fishing with small bonito or tunas. We pull the small tunas down the edge of the deep reef on 30 pound conventional outfits. Our favorite reel is the Penn 30tw or Penn 30sw. We fish the baits out of the out riggers, with a light tension. 

Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami Kids - 40+ lbsWahoo can strike baits with speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. Strikes are violent so light tension keeps hooks in place. A wire leader is necessary. Wahoo have razor shark teeth and tremendous bite pressure, and are capable of cutting lighter wire.

Trolling with Ballyhoo, fresh cut Bonita Strips and artificial baits is another affective way of catching Wahoo. One of our best methods to target Wahoo is through the use of a planner. We like an Old Salty brand planner in size 6 or 8. We fish the planner on 60lb to 80lb braid line attached with a large barrel swivel. The bait is attached to the planner with a large ballbearing swivel and a 40 – 60 foot 80lb leader. One of our favorite Wahoo baits is a 3 1/2 Drone Spoon, silver with blue tape.

Let’s Go Fishing… Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami

Let’s go Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami or Deep Sea fishing Miami!  to become part of our Miami Fishing Report Summer Fishing and have a great fishing charter adventure you can call or text Capt. Jay on his cell at (305) 785-0552 or book your fishing charter online here!  Fore more info you can e-mail Capt. Jay .  See you on the Rip!

Summer Wahoo Fishing Miami

Capt. Jay

Captain of the USCG Licensed & Inspected Spellbound Charter Fishing Boat Miami Beach, FL. Capt. Jay has been fishing off Miami & Miami Beach for more than 40 years. Capt. Jay is a Multiple IGFA world record holder and discovered a new species of fish. Capt. Jay now spends his days giving his customers great fishing adventures. Catching a young angler his first fish or an experienced angler his or her largest fish is what Capt. Jay lives for. "We catch the fish of a lifetime, every day !"

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