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Tuna Fishing in Miami

Tuna Fishing is great fun. We catch a lot of Tuna’s off Miami and Miami Beach. The tunas we catch are tropical tunas. Most tropical tunas are less than thirty pounds. The warm waters off Miami and Miami Beach are just not conducive to the larger Tuna species. Although the medium sized tunas like Black Fin Tuna, Skipjack Tuna and Little Tunny can be quite plentiful.

Most of the tunas we see range from just a few pounds to about thirty pound. Although the average size is about ten pounds. We do occasionally catch Yellow Fin Tuna and a rare Big Eye Tuna. But are both a rare catch. Our largest Yellow Fin Tuna we have caught was about 150 pounds.

The Catch

We catch most of our tunas trolling. We find Black Fin Tuna on the edge of the deep reef in about 100 feet of water and out to over 1,000 feet of water. Most of the Black Fin Tuna we see range from a few pounds to about 30 pounds. We find schools of medium sized Black Fin Tuna under birds and over the top of deep structure. Wrecks in 200 feet of water and out to 400 feet of water will routinely hold Black Fin Tuna .

We catch our largest Black Fin Tuna on live baits either slow trolled in the out riggers or under a fishing kite. Kite fishing for Tunas is a very effective method. Most of our largest Tunas are caught under the kite. Live Pilchards, Thread Herring, Blue Runners, Goggle Eye’s & Mullet are great baits for tuna.

Little Tunny are a year round Tuna catch for us. Although we see the largest Tunny in the spring and summer. We also see the largest schools of fish in the summer. Tunny Tuna can be caught trolling, live bait fishing and jigging.

Skipjack Tuna are our off shore tuna. Tuna Fishing Miami we find most Skipjack Tuna in waters deeper than 600 feet and out across all the deepest waters of the ocean. Trolling works best to target Skipjack Tuna. We find them under birds while fishing off shore.