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Wahoo Fishing in Miami

Wahoo fishing Miami is a lot of fun. We catch most of our Wahoo trolling. Wahoo lures that are effective are spoons and jet heads. Although natural baits like bonito strips and ballyhoo combined with either a sea witch or lure

in combination with skirts is a great way to target Wahoo. We find Wahoo fishing Miami in water as shallow as about 100 feet and out to over 2,000 feet. When the blue cobalt water of the Gulf Stream wash over the edge of the deep reef we see the most Wahoo. Largest Wahoo is typically a lone predator and found when Little Tunny or Blackfin Tuna are around. Wahoo can also be structure oriented. When we find a good sized “floater” out in deep water we typically can get multiple Wahoo bites. Smaller schooling Wahoo will group up around anything floating on the surface.

The Catch

Wahoo range in size from just a few pounds to over one hundred pounds. Although Wahoo is considered a trophy catch when they are longer than four feet. Most wahoo that we see range from about 20 pounds to 50 pounds. Who is an aggressive ambush predator. You know they can attain attack speeds of up to 60+ miles per hour. A large Wahoo can successfully catch and attack a tuna or other large fish and consume them. Wahoo have razor sharp teeth and great agility.


You know when a Wahoo strikes a line. The bite is hard and fast and fishing line will come offMiami beach Wahoo Fishing the reel with line melting speed. After a few hard runs the fishing battle becomes a one on one struggle for inches. Wahoo are always tricky to catch. With sharp teeth, vilent runs and head shakes most Wahoo get away.